“WABBA Is NOT Recognized By The NSA” – Charles Amofa

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The brouhaha surrounding which Bodybuilding association in Ghana is the legitimate one recognized by the Sports Ministry has been laid to rest.

This was after the public relations officer of the National Sports Authority, Charles Amofa cleared the air on the legitimacy of the GBFA and WABBA.

According to him, the Ghana Bodybuilding and Fitness Association (GBFA) is the only recognized association in the country given the mandate to oversee fitness and Bodybuilding activities.

“In the books of the National Sports Authority, we have only one Federation that deals with Bodybuilding and Fitness in this country, and that is the GBFA,” Amofa stated.

According to him, there can only be one Association on a particular sporting discipline and that this goes to all the major disciplines in the country, adding that any other association that rears its head apart from what the NSA has in its books, “is a private Initiative”.

“The law is one and by law, there can’t be two Federations for one sporting discipline. When it comes to football in this country, we all know that all activities are tabled under the Ghana Football Association. When it comes to boxing, we have the Ghana Boxing Authority. All the 44 sporting disciplines we have in this country have one Federation and the Ghana Bodybuilding and Fitness Association is the only approved and recognised association known to the NSA when it comes Bodybuilding activities”.

“In recent times, we have been reading and hearing about another Bodybuilding Association called WABBA, one that has been going around saying that it is affiliated to the National Sports Authority. I want to state categorically that, it is not true.”

“We are by no means against anybody setting up an organisation whatsoever. They can do it as a private initiative, but we will want the general public to be aware of the difference. GBFA is recognized by both the Ministry of Youth and Sports as well as the National Sports Authority, WABBA is not”, he categorically stated in an interview with Isaac ‘Wallace’ Worlanyo on Rainbow Radio this morning.

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