“New GFA Administration Has Been Excellent So Far”- ACP Lydia Y. Donkor

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The Kurt Okraku led Ghana Football Association administration might have not chalked six months in office since being elected in October 2019, but has received rave commendations from top international sports personalities and football-loving Ghanaians alike.

One of such rousing commendations comes from the Chairperson of National Women’s League side, Police Ladies, ACP Lydia Y. Donkor, who says the current administration of the Ghana Football Association has been excellent so far in their delivery, especially with activities concerning Women’s Football in the country.

According to her, the new FA administration has given equal respect to all football Clubs in Ghana, be it male or female, something she added wasn’t the case in the past.

“From where I sit as the Police Ladies Chairperson, I will say this administration has been excellent so far in their delivery and those of us with the Women’s teams will attest to the fact that we are being treated the same way the male Clubs are treated in terms of support.”

“Prior to the commencement of the season, all Clubs including the Police ladies received 30 match balls to aid our preparation towards the start of the league and other competitions. That was what the male teams also received as well, and that to us means a lot because this is the first time something like that is happening to women’s football in Ghana.”

ACP Lydia Y. Donkor who was full of praises for the Kurt Okraku led GFA administration, confirmed that all the teams received some financial cushion to help with their activities both on and off the field, an action she stressed has helped them tremendously looking at the meager resources at the disposal of these clubs.

“We also received an amount of ghc10,000 from the FA to help us in our preparation for the season and I must confess, this has helped us and most of the Clubs in many ways. Again, this is the first time we are getting something like this from the FA, so you can imagine how happy we are.”

For ACP Lydia Y. Donkor her biggest joy so far with Kurt Okraku’s administration is the fact that several people who are connected to Women’s Football in Ghana, has reviewed appointments in different capacities in his administration.

“My joy stems from the fact that over 30 people who are connected to Women’s Football in ghana have all been given appointments, some as coaches, and others on other committees among others.”

“Also is the creation of the game centers for games. For the first time, we get to see some of our games live on social media, especially Facebook, and it’s a good thing for us because people from all over the world can now watch our ladies and have first-hand information on the players, the coaches the games and the goals.

“I believe all teams have their sources of support in terms of remuneration and resources but if it is coming from the FA to add to what they have – it’s really a good call. You know football is an expensive sport; you have to maintain the players – they’ve jerseys, boot, they’re health, fitness, all of those things require resources. So any support that comes from the FA is really appreciated and welcome.” ACP Donkor said.

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