COVID19: Ghana Bodybuilding and Fitness Association Donates To Athletes

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The Ghana Bodybuilding and Fitness Association this afternoon made a presentation to the athletes to aid their fight of the novel Corona Virus.

The items included bags of rice, cooking oil, face masks and some other goodies.

National Treasurer, Fausta Baffoe, popularly known as ‘Shotos’ made the presentation on behalf of the entire Executives of the GBFA.

“We the Executives of the GBFA decided to make this presentation to our athletes at this crucial time when we are all fighting one enemy, Corona Virus. We know that due to the ban on social Gathering most of them are home. So we thought it wise to assist them in our own small way with these products. Its not much, but we believe that it will go a long way to help them in diverse ways”, Fausta Baffoe mentioned.

Captain of the Black Muscles of Ghana, Godwin Frimpong thanked the Executives for the kind gesture.

On behalf on the entire Black Muscles team, we want to say a very big thank you to our Executives for this kind gesture. Indeed, we are touched by it because I have not heard or seen any of the other federations do something like this for their athletes.”

“Like our director said, we’ve been home all this while and its not been easy. Had it not been the Corona Virus pandemic, we would have been in South Africa by now participating in the 2020 Arnold Classic Competition in the name of Ghana.”

“But all the same we are not giving up. We are still training whilst at home in our own small way with the hope that this will soon blow over and we can return to our normal lives.”

“Once again we thank the GBFA for the love they’ve shown us”, Frimpong added.

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